How to Vote

Are you a member?

If you have ever shopped at Mountain Equipment Co-op, you are very likely a lifetime member, because the $5 membership is required for purchases. 

How to vote

The election ends March 28, 2013. To vote, just visit this page before the end of the election.

Don't have your membership info handy? Multiple reports confirm that calling MEC at 1.800.474.7704 results in helpful and speedy service getting your contact info updated and enabling you to vote.

What vote to cast?

MEC Members for a Democratic Co-op recommends that members vote "no" to Special Resolution #1.

This web site has no official position on which board members to vote for, but signer Mark Latham has interviewed candidates and posted his selections to his blog. The Media Co-op also did interviews with candidates.

Other such evaluations can be sent to