The C is for Cooperative, Not Corporation

An open letter to MEC members
We are among the three million members of Mountain Equipment Co-op, Canada's largest consumer cooperative. At most other stores, we're just consumers, but as members, we're also owners, and we all have an equal share. If you live in Canada, there's a one in ten chance you're also a member-owner. If you've ever shopped at MEC, you are a member-owner.
Large co-ops in Canada have a history of drifting toward acting like for-profit companies run for shareholder profit, seeing their member-owners as customers rather than owners. At MEC, some member-owners have from time to time fought this trend, and the result of these initiatives is precisely what makes MEC compelling today: leading-edge sustainability practices, and the donation of 1% of the co-op's $300 million in annual revenues to environmental organizations.
There is much that could be improved, but the promise of cooperatives cannot be ignored. MEC has shown that when serving members is more important than serving profit, the result is lower-priced, higher-quality equipment that lasts longer. The result is sustainability practices which leave the private sector in the dust. MEC and other co-ops show us flashes and glimmers of the promise of a democratically-run economy.
To move toward fulfilling this promise, and to protect every member-owner's right to take part in governance, co-ops need to place a high value on their input and participation.
In March 2012, 379 MEC member-owners signed a letter demanding that the board of Mountain Equipment Co-op make the co-op more democratic, not less. By sneaking through a resolution which claimed to "modernize" MEC's bylaws, the board was able to give itself the power to reject candidates for the board based on criteria the board itself sets.
We don't want Stephen Harper (or any other Prime Minister) to have the ability to reject people for running for Parliament. We don't want the MEC board doing that. We called these changes undemocratic. We called for the board to commit to creating a truly democratic cooperative with governance which ensures diversity and broad participation.
A year later, the board has given us its response: 
  • With another misleadingly-labelled special resolution, the board is asking for additional powers. If Special Resolution 1 is passed, future ballots would highlight candidates "recommended by the board."
  • The board is also diminishing member-owners' ability to participate. Special Resolution 1 would also raise the number of signatures required to propose a special resolution from 5 to 500. (The board already has the ability to reject special resolutions.)
  • The power to reject member-owners' board candidacies was justified by the board's active recruitment process. We can now see the results of that process. Of those running, only one (a current board member running for a second term) is visibly non-white, and men outnumber women 2-1. None of the new candidates appear to have significant co-op experience, and there are no candidates from Quebec or the Maritimes.
We are dissatisfied with the board's misleading labelling of this resolution, and the result of last year's resolution. 
We call on MEC member-owners to vote against Special Resolution 1, and we call on MEC member-owners and leadership to change course.
It's clear that voting "no" is not enough. We also call on MEC members to join in a long-term effort to make the co-op -- of which we are all owners -- a leader in democratic participation. 
Starting now, we demand -- and commit to working to bring about -- the following changes to MEC's structure.
1. Annual membership consultation
With few additional resources, the board could survey the membership about their priorities and desires. Member-owners should also be able to participate in determining what kinds of questions are asked in the survey. In interviews, some candidates claimed to know what MEC member-owners want. As it stands, there is no way to know. An annual consultation shaped by member-owner input would be the first step towards a more democratic co-op.
2. Member-owner discussion forum
Democracy is next to meaningless if member-owners cannot discuss things together as member-owners. An online forum for MEC member-owners would solve this issue. A voting system could gauge support for proposals, and spur innovation and participation. Additional staff time would be required for moderation and maintenance, but it would be a minor cost for a major step in the right direction.
3. Facilitate local participation
Currently, MEC mostly treats its local member-owners as consumers. Local member-owners should be able -- after meeting some basic requirements, and with assistance from their local staff -- to organize a meeting to which every MEC member-owner within a 200km radius is invited. We'd be surprised if such meetings were not the launching point for a plethora of exciting initiatives and proposals as well as a sense of ownership and pride among member-owners.
MEC can continue to be a leader in sustainability and support for environmental groups. By adding democracy, it can become an inspiring example and standard-bearer in many other areas as well. 
yours truly,
MEC Members for a Democratic Co-op
  1. Sara Golling, Rossland BC, One of MEC's founding members, 15-year board member
  2. Steve Grant, Vancouver, former MEC director
  3. Deborah M Stover, Halifax, former director
  4. Matt Davis, Vancouver, former MEC employee
  5. Scott Koritz, Vancouver, former MEC employee
  6. Eric G. March, Vancouver, former MEC employee
  7. Chris Sturgeon, Whtehorse, former MEC staff member
  8. Heath Johnson, Moncton, rejected 2013 board Candidate
  9. Judy Rebick, Toronto, writer and activist
  10. Sheelah McLean, Saskatoon, Idle No More co-founder
  11. Martin Lukacs, Montreal, Writer
  12. Aron Zahradka, Vancouver, UBC Varsity Outdoors Club
  13. Arsalan Hassan, Vancouver, UBC Student
  14. David Heap, London ON, People for Peace, London
  15. Lisa Barrett, Bowen Island, CCEDNET
  16. Mark Latham, Vancouver,
  17. Christian Veenstra, Vancouver, Varsity Outdoor Club
  18. Mike Constable, Toronto, Toronto Workers Assembly
  19. Gordon Flett, Vancouver, Member Semiahmoo Sunrunners
  20. Roger W Howard, Burnaby, Solidarity Notes Labour Choir
  21. Judith Deutsch, Toronto, Independent Jewish Voices
  22. Louise Leclair, Vancouver, Laura Jamieson Housing Co-op
  23. Kristina Driedger, Montreal, Esprit Bio
  24. Omri Haiven, Halifax, The Canadian Federation of Students - NS
  25. Anita Bates, Burnaby, Solidarity Notes Labour Choir
  26. Yuill Herbert, Tatamagouche
  27. Amara Possian, Montreal
  28. Rebekah Hart, Montreal
  29. Carleen Pickard, Ottawa
  30. Dru Oja Jay, Montréal
  31. Jesse Gutman, Toronto
  32. Corina Crawley, Ottawa
  33. Joe Bowser, Vancouver
  34. Max Liboiron, Winlaw
  35. Jalal Kawash, Calgary
  36. Bérenger Enselme, Waterloo, ON
  37. Daniel Cayley-Daoust, Ottawa
  38. Kevin Harding, Vancouver
  39. Skyler Des Roches, Vancouver
  40. John MacFarlane, Montreal
  41. Jayne Hardy, Vancouver
  42. Ace Porter, Kamloops
  43. Richard Frederick Marcuse, West Vancouver
  44. Caelie Frampton, Vancouver
  45. Ben Singleton-Polster, Vancouver
  46. Mike Simons, Vancouver
  47. Lise Vaugeois, Thunder Bay
  48. Garth Yule, Vancouver BC
  49. Marcus Peterson, Montreal
  50. Reg Glennie, Wadena
  51. Mariette Dumas, Montréal 
  52. Muhammed Hamou, London ON 
  53. Michael Dyck, Montreal
  54. Owen Brush, Halifax
  55. Bruno Godin, Vancouver
  56. Brian Wong, New Westminster
  57. Riaz Behra, Vancouver
  58. Leah Girardo, Toronto
  59. John Wasteneys, Lindsay
  60. Roc Robertson, Mission
  61. Mark Grieveson, Toronto
  62. Eli Horn, Vancouver
  63. Lake Sagaris, Toronto
  64. Deborah Cowen, Toronto
  65. Cathy Znk, Calgary
  66. Jo Anne Ferguson, Manotick, Ontario
  67. David Gallagher, Halifax
  68. Scott McFadden, Ottawa/Gatineau
  69. Ted Mann, Toronto
  70. A. Daley, Ottawa
  71. Wendy Holm, Bowen Island
  72. Blair Kuntz, Toronto
  73. Fraser Smith, Peterborough, ON
  74. Roger Serpa, Toronto
  75. Colleen Blake, Halifax
  76. Kevin Wood, Moncton
  77. Kevin D Brown, Calgary
  78. Aaron Manton, Toronto
  79. Devin Holterman, Toronto
  80. David Pouliot, Toronto
  81. Geri Blinick, Ottawa
  82. Jeremy Bonham, Keswick, ON
  83. David Murphy, Bloomington, Indiana, USA
  84. Elizabeth Blackwood, Winnipeg
  85. Jason Lamont, Winnipeg
  86. Tim Groves, Toronto
  87. Jermaine Bagnall, Toronto
  88. Megan Tremblay, Ottawa
  89. Ben Sichel, Halifax
  90. Katherine Kitching, Halifax
  91. Marnie Eves, Guelph
  92. Jeff Jones, Sointula, BC
  93. Brian Campbell, Vancouver
  94. Janet Cotgrave, Halfmoon Bay
  95. Chris Albinati, Kamloops
  96. David Brown, London
  97. Clayton O'Bear, Coleman Alberta
  98. David Parsons, Toronto
  99. Katherine Dunster, Denman Island, BC
  100. Jessie davidson, Arnprior
  101. Sharon Angel, Gatineau, Quebec
  102. Eugene McGuckin, Burnaby
  103. Philip Gray, Vancouver
  104. Miriam Sobrino, Surrey
  105. Sid Shniad, Surrey
  106. Ron Strand, Vancouver
  107. Dayn Gray, Thorold, ON
  108. Sharon Costello, Vancouver
  109. Jason, Stevenson, Musician
  110. John Hollingsworth, Ottawa
  111. Tamara Herman, Vancouver
  112. Stéphanie Benoit-Huneault, Montréal
  113. Sean Haberle, Brockville
  114. Rachel Lankester, South Surrey
  115. Stephanie Tombari, Burlington
  116. Alexis Shotwell, Ottawa, ON
  117. Todd Ferguson, Toronto
  118. Sean Griffin, Vancouver
  119. Jon Hunt, Ottawa
  120. Judy Davidson, Edmonton
  121. Karen Leduc, Vancouver
  122. Kelly Black, Ottawa
  123. Ada Jaarsma, Calgary, AB
  124. Amber Cowie, Vancouver
  125. Scott Neigh, Sudbury
  126. Desiree Lamoureux, London
  127. Raimi Marx, Montreal
  128. Werner Grzimek, Vancouver
  129. Monika Thakker, Ottawa
  130. Michelle Cliffe, Toronto
  131. Cate Watrous, Erickson, MB
  132. Kim Slater, Pemberton
  133. Guy Pocklington, Powell River, BC
  134. Susi Porter-Bopp, Vancouver
  135. Barbara Terfloth, Christopher Lake, SK
  136. Ben Gibson, Cranbrook
  137. Brendan Bailey, Toronto
  138. Paul Baines, Toronto
  139. Michael Springate, Vancouver
  140. Jessica Squires, Gatineau
  141. Sarah Tremblay, Vanier
  142. Safiah Chowdhury, Toronto
  143. Liz Mackenzie, Vancouver
  144. ernie yacub, courtenay
  145. Danja Lacasse, Toronto
  146. Aven McMaster, Sudbury
  147. Kelsey, Banff
  148. Jim Payne, Moncton
  149. Sophia Iliopulos, Vancouver
  150. Julia, Endicott
  151. Katelyn Sylvester, Ottawa
  152. Dennis Murray Brown, Burnaby
  153. Laurent Paradis-Charette, Gatineau
  154. Victor Woods, Port Alberni, BC
  155. Anne Cottingham, Vancouver
  156. Wendy McPeake, Ottawa
  157. Nelly Piechocki, Vancouver
  158. E. Brenda Flynn, Coquitlam BC
  159. Andrew Koch, Toronto, ON
  160. Hillary Lindsay, Halifax
  161. Phil Embley, Surrey
  162. Pascale Brunet, Montréal
  163. Seamus Wolfe, Ottawa
  164. Ian Perry, Bonnyville, AB
  165. Albert Souza, Vancouver, BC
  166. Ben Unterman, Vancouver, BC
  167. Alice Grange, Cumberland
  168. Jane Kirby, Kingston
  169. Raphael Beaulieu, Toronto
  170. Robyn Ashton, Vancouver
  171. Helene Hamilton, High River, AB
  172. Sheldon Etheridge, Quathiaski Cove
  173. Sarah Pedersen, Regina
  174. James Dundas, Victoria
  175. Fatima Jaffer, Vancouver
  176. Nhat-Tan Nguyen, Montreal
  177. Chris Shalom, Vancouver
  178. Tyler Linton, London, UK
  179. Greg Awai, Duncan
  180. Marc Ouimet, Montréal
  181. Andrew Munro, Halifax
  182. Frank Hovenden, Courtenay
  183. Adrian McKerracher, Vancouver
  184. Amy Twigge-Molecey, Montreal
  185. Jim Palmer, Courtenay BC
  186. Joyce McPherson, Toronto
  187. Graham Case, Vancouver
  188. David Waddington, Montreal
  189. Alison MacDonald, Nelson
  190. Michele Connell, Toronto
  191. Seth Leon, Calgary, Co-operator
  192. Susan Jardine, Shediac NB, PSAC
  193. Marilyne Tovar, Montréal
  194. Julianna Scramstad, Whitehorse
  195. Richard Baker, Argyle Shore, PEI
  196. T. Glennis O'Neill, Coldstream, BC
  197. Maureen Aslin, Toronto
  198. Brian Byers, Vancouver, BC
  199. Marion Pape, Victoria
  200. Rosanne Iland, Ottawa
  201. Susana Rutherford, Charlottetown
  202. Nick Aplin, Ottawa
  203. Emily Coffey, Montreal
  204. Eleanor MacKay, Toronto, , Teacher
  205. Dianne Henshaw, Vancouver
  206. Peter Nelson, Halifax
  207. Terry Toews, Swift Current, SK
  208. L Friesen, Burnaby, SolNotes Choir
  209. Erik Frebold, Vancouver
  210. Nadia Brodeur, L'Étang-du-Nord
  211. Bobby Carrier, L'Étang-du-Nord
  212. Meghan Jezewski, Victoria
  213. Douglas Davidson, Crabtree
  214. Adam Crowley, Vancouver
  215. Stephen Phillips, Vancouver
  216. Christopher Lyon, Victoria
  217. Tom Keefer, Toronto
  218. M.G. Entwistle, Vancouver
  219. Caitlyn James, New Westminster, BC
  220. Jim Christiansen, Toronto
  221. David Taub Bancroft, Vancouver
  222. David Fraser, Ottawa
  223. Clayton Dignard, Ottawa
  224. Carol Jerde, Vancouver
  225. Jack Stein, Gibsons
  226. Brenda Morehouse, Ottawa
  227. Eileen McMorris, Strathmore AB
  228. Garth Thomson, Kelowna BC
  229. Linda Cameron, Whitehorse
  230. George Mortimore, Victoria
  231. Wendy Kotilla, Courtenay
  232. Jeff Mitchell, Halifax
  233. Megan Cohoe-Kenney, Montreal
  234. Mickey Fthenos, Burnaby
  235. William Murgatroyd, Victoria
  236. David Wrench, Sicamous
  237. Hiromi Miyawaki, Vancouver
  238. Mary Ann Westendorf, Maple Ridge BC
  239. Gary Torlone, Charlottetown
  240. Tony Rideout, Lethbridge AB
  241. Scott Welling, Moncton NB
  242. Berta Gaulke, Dartmouth NS
  243. Gregory Coyes, North Vancouver
  244. Kenji Fuse, Victoria, Island Biodiesel Co-op
  245. Scott Harris, Edmonton
  246. Michael Fancie, Ottawa
  247. Léo Ayotte, Amos
  248. Rory Henderson, Halifax
  249. Lesley Jenkins, Montreal
  250. Sean Bradley, Edmonton
  251. James Babiy, Errington BC
  252. Carrie Foster, Montreal
  253. Blair Hughes, Jordan River, BC
  254. Brittany Maguire, Halifax
  255. Jarrod Daley, Toronto
  256. Holly Nazar, Montreal
  257. Shane Bill, Montreal
  258. Holly Lobsinger, Halifax
  259. Dianne Varga, Kelowna
  260. Lars Boggild, Halifax
  261. Lori Thompson, Winlaw
  262. Jenny George, Whitehorse
  263. Stephen Aberle, Vancouver
  264. Karen Stein, Gibsons
  265. Cynthia Mitchell, Ottawa
  266. Amy Watson, Toronto
  267. Joanna Simpson, Ottawa
  268. Brigid McKenna, Alexandria
  269. Malcolm, Boothroyd
  270. Fin Fagan, Vancouver
  271. Yousaf Khan, Mississauga
  272. Ken Dresen, Vancouver
  273. Matthew Ramsden, Ottawa
  274. Jeremy Murphy, Vancouver
  275. Janine Zuppiger, Vancouver
  276. Kevin Acton, Saskatoon, SARCAN Recycling
  277. Tyler Vandermolen, Campbell River
  278. Brian Downey, Fort McMurray
  279. George Kenyon Sinclair, Toronto
  280. Bob Edgar, Calgary
  281. Joe Wong, Vancouver
  282. Kathy Wazana, Toronto
  283. Wynne Miles, Victoria
  284. Max Silverman, Montreal
  285. Jonathan Brockman, Vancouver
  286. Dana Holtby, Montreal
  287. Darren Puscas, Toronto
  288. Jessica Denyer, Toronto
  289. Katie MacKenzie, Vancouver
  290. Cole Lamothe, Coquitlam
  291. Lindsey Reddin, Charlottetown
  292. Nicolas Y, Montreal
  293. Cindy Loukras, Rossland, bc
  294. Janet Fairbanks, Courtenay
  295. Yves Engler, Ottawa
  296. Markus Kellerhals, Victoria
  297. James Hutt, Halifax
  298. Vida Morkunas, Vancouver
  299. Michael John Thompson, Hornby Island, BC
  300. Katherine Kortikow, Roberts Creek
  301. Elizabeth Holloway, Halifax
  302. Rod Olstad, Edmonton
  303. Kalin Stacey, Kitchener
  304. Rod Akizuki, Vancouver
  305. Mary E H Stover, Moncton
  306. Dave Shaw, Hhalifax N.S.
  307. Susan Tardif, Montreal
  308. erika shaker, ottawa
  309. Warren McBride, Ottawa, Teacher, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
  310. Robert Green, Montreal
  311. Charmaine Dymond, Halifax
  312. Steve Oxendale, Victoria
  313. Timothy Burns, Westmount
  314. Len Vaness, St. Catharines
  315. Dominic Parent, Gatineau
  316. Susan Jane Spronk, Ottawa
  317. Maria Anastasaki, Rimouski
  318. Kathleen Bohan, Halifax
  319. Jocelyn Darou, Frelighsburg
  320. Francois Leclair, Gatineau
  321. David Wilson, Calgary
  322. Josie Baker, Charlottetown, Cooper Institute
  323. Rebeka Frazer-Chiasson, Rogersville NB
  324. Zachariah General, London, ON
  325. Joel Westheimer, Ottawa
  326. Alex Paterson, Winnipeg
  327. Simon Greenland-Smith, Halifax
  328. Miguel Gosselin Dionne, Montréal
  329. Claire Abraham, Montreal
  330. Frederick Khonje, Saskatoon, 10 year MEC member
  331. Dan Parker, Montreal
  332. Daniel Madsen, Powell River B.C.
  333. Marilyn Belak, Dawson Creek
  334. Andréane Sabourin, St-André-Avellin
  335. Marilyn Belak, Dawson Creek
  336. Kim Leduc, Dunham QC
  337. Emelia Koberg, Montreal
  338. Adrian Mohareb, Vancouver
  339. Alain Denis Vater, Vancouver
  340. Tanya Rowell Katzemba, Montreal
  341. Alan Sainsbury, Ottawa
  342. Sharon Shniad, Surrey, BC
  343. Jane Smith, Toronto
  344. Wendy Shaw, Toronto
  345. André-Yves Boisvert, Gatineau
  346. Gregory Furmaniuk, Winnipeg
  347. Jon Benson, Winnipeg
  348. Kathleen Gibson, Victoria
  349. Patrice Lapierre, Pointe-Calumet
  350. Lauren Watson, Squamish
  351. Larry Tallman, Vancouver
  352. Bernard Soubry, Montréal
  353. Peter Rothermel, Qualicum Beach
  354. Rick Goletski, Comox BC
  355. Joshua Coleman, Montreal
  356. Adrian Corscadden, Victoria
  357. Eric Doherty, Vancouver
  358. John Mynott, Chelsea QC
  359. Doug McLeod, Vancouver
  360. Geneviève Guernier, Montréal
  361. Ken Miyazaki, Richmond
  362. Alison Kulak, Edmonton
  363. David Thuss, London, On
  364. Debbie Gordon, Keswick, Ontario
  365. Francis Lemaire, Hull
  366. Lise Vaugeois, Thunder Bay
  367. Daniel Varin, Gatineau, CSSS Gatineau
  368. Véronique Juneau, Gatineau
  369. Ann Grant, Vancouver
  370. Ian Vachon, Gatineau
  371. Raz Peel, Vancouver
  372. Raz Peel, Vancouver
  373. Martha Friendly, Toronto
  374. Pamela Allard, Newmarket, ON
  375. May Partridge, Nanaimo
  376. John Moore, Salt Spring Island
  377. Marilyn Porter, St Johns
  378. Lorraine Goldman, Vancouver
  379. Laurence Desmarais, Montréal
  380. Patricia Andrew, Victoria BC
  381. Adrian Tanner, Petty Harbour, NL, East Coast Trail Association
  382. Amir M. Maasoumi, Montreal
  383. Beth Dollaga, Burnaby, Canada-Philippines Solidarity for Human Rights
  384. Susan Blayney, Fenelon Falls
  385. Brent U, Collingwood ON
  386. Tim Kennelly, Burnaby
  387. Andrea Calver, Toronto
  388. Mordecai Briemberg, Burnaby
  389. Joel Lafortune, Vancouver
  390. Linda Christiansen-Ruffman, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  391. Kay Ma, Montréal
  392. Bernie Lawrence, London, ON, long-time member (1978)
  393. Kathy Coster, Duncan
  394. John Yarmak, Burnaby BC
  395. Conchita Fonseca, Ottawa
  396. Larry Gambone, Nanaimo
  397. Jim Vickers, Erickson, Manitoba
  398. Martha Roth, Vancouver, Independent Jewish Voices/BIAC
  399. Rosemary Zalen, Burnaby
  400. Trevor Chow-Fraser, Edmonton
  401. Peter Doherty, Port Alberni
  402. Linda Cullum, St. John's, NL
  403. David Marlow, Chilliwack BC
  404. Floyd d'Entremont, Halifax
  405. Steven Moore, Tamworth
  406. Matthias Mayer, Toronto
  407. Ed Hudson, Montreal
  408. Steven Hagen, Edmonton
  409. Mark Prier, Dundalk, ON
  410. Haidar Abdul-Razak, Calgary
  411. Kyall Glennie, Regina
  412. Tana kennett, Squamish, BC
  413. Julie MacArthur, Vancouver
  414. Andrea Macht, Vancouver
  415. Arthur Yu, Vancouver
  416. Frédéric Gagnon, Gatineau
  417. Trevor McKenzie-Smith, Saskatoon
  418. Dave Mitchell, Moose Jaw
  419. Kathleen Barrett, Vancouver BC
  420. Ethel Ahenakew, Saskatoon SK
  421. William Robbins, Saskatoon
  422. Liz Carlyle, Winnipeg
  423. Chris Rigaux, Winnipeg MB
  424. Jill Glessing, Toronto
  425. Barbara Cheung, Vancouver
  426. David Weller, Independent Jewish Voices
  427. Ariane Senécal, Gatineau
  428. Robert Hodge, Toronto
  429. Dianne Baker, Winnipeg
  430. Devin McDowell, Kanata
  431. Charlotte Moore, Kitchener
  432. David Cameron, Vancouver, MEC Member
  433. Lloyd Richards, Calgary
  434. Jenn Bergen, Regina
  435. Lisa McLaughlin, Calgary
  436. Corinne Schertzer , Edmonton
  437. Andrew Moore, Moncton
  438. Ian Scriver, Edmonton
  439. Alroy Fonseca, Ottawa
  440. Joe Muething, Englehart
  441. David Smith, Barrie
  442. K Gadd, Miramichi
  443. Alice Hebb, Halifax
  444. Glen McIntyre, Waterloo, ON
  445. Shauna McIntyre, Waterloo
  446. Daren Okafo, Antigonish
  447. Jean François Bissonnette, Lévis
  448. Aidan Macdonald, Toronto
  449. Jeff Townley, Halifax, MEC Employee
  450. Jessica Kerekes, Edmonton , Teacher
  451. Keetha Mercer, Montreal
  452. John Richmond, Toronto
  453. Sean Neil Barron, Ottawa
  454. Ian Maclean, Dartmouth
  455. Cameron Gray, Victoria, BC
  456. Bob Payne, Thunder Bay
  457. Zoé Touzin, Chénéville
  458. Jean Desrosiers, Bathurst, NB
  459. Ariane Morissette, Winnipeg MB
  460. Amanda Dorter, Toronto, ON
  461. Louise Leclair, Vancouver, LJ Housong Co Op
  462. Kevin Schachter, Winnipeg
  463. Kelly Friesen, Winnipeg
  464. Stuart Walker, Victoria, Long-time MEC member-owner
  465. Zachary Howarth, Halifax
  466. Ed Dagsaan, Toronto
  467. Dan D'Agostino, Calgary, Rock & Roll Alberta
  468. Ben Leon, Calgary
  469. Leslie Mahoney, Lethbridge, AB, PIRG board member, environmental activist
  470. Justin Quigley, Winnipeg
  471. Kari Hewett, also former MEC employee (2008-2012), Vancouver / Coast Salish terra
  472. Tim Southwood, Calgary
  473. Lorrie Thompson, Vancouver
  474. Nicholle Carriere, Edmonton, none
  475. Edwin Rowan, Vancouver
  476. Philippe Duhamel, Québec
  477. Sterling Pearce, Vancouver, Lifelong member
  478. David Repa, Vancouver, The Hackery
  479. Jason Addy, Powell River , Member and Ex Staff Vancouver Store
  480. Gemma Richardson, London, Ontario
  481. Ben Parsons, Halifax, NS
  482. Avi Lambert, Victoria, 20 Year MEC member.
  483. Frank Atnikov, Winnipeg
  484. Justin Charette, Winnipeg
  485. Lindsay Hinrichsen, Vancouver
  486. Stephen Caines, Shubenacadie, Co-op member
  487. Jake Foster, Vancouver
  488. Mary Louise Adams, Kingston
  489. Debbie Fleming, St. Albert, MEC Member
  490. Peter Kieren, Calgary
  491. Robert B. Bychen, Kelowna
  492. Peter Kieren, Calgary, Alberta
  493. Michael Coyle, Squamish, Alpine Club of Canada, Avalanche Association and SAR member
  494. Bader Takriti, Montreal
  495. Hannah Hoag, Toronto
  496. Cam Browne, Toronto, member
  497. Brian Revel, Vancouver
  498. Barb Lando, Vancouver, Former MEC staff and staff trainer
  499. Quirine Schuyff, Vancouver
  500. Andrea Sandau, Abbotsford
  501. Lyse Boyce, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  502. Taylor Lougheed , Edmonton, AB
  503. Claire Oldham, New Westminster
  504. Marc Boudreau, Vancouver
  505. Gili Rosenberg, Vancouver, Varsity Outdoor Club
  506. Kerith Paul, Toronto, former MEC employee
  507. Kerith Paul, Toronto, former MEC employee
  508. Sean Montani, Hamilton
  509. Franc_Sois Dandurand, Montréal, RISE Kombucha
  510. Tim McSorley, Montreal
  511. Derek Hogue, Winnipeg
  512. Marc Dumoulin, Toronto
  513. Michael Finck, Montreal
  514. Laurie Smith Charest, Montréal
  515. Michael Zhang, Milton
  516. Caitlin Hayward, Toronto
  517. Matthew Coté, Golden
  518. Guy Duke, Toronto
  519. Diane Mitchell, Ottawa, CUPW
  520. Lindsay Denise, Toronto, Ontario
  521. Jamie Kneen, Ottawa
  522. Tim Goos, Sherwood Park
  523. Simon M. Leclerc, Québec
  524. Jeremy Janz, Vancouver
  525. Penelope Boyce, North Saanich, BC
  526. Christian Champagne, Vancouver
  527. Janine Maila, Montreal
  528. Kevin Bohaychuk, Halifax
  529. Philippe Brunet, Montreal
  530. Chloe Makepeace, Montreal
  531. Spring Gillard, Vancouver
  532. Amanda Hachey, Moncton, Co-op Enterprise Council of NB
  533. Rebecca Welter-Nolan, Halifax
  534. Ken Rieger, Toronto
  535. Benjamin Gregoire, Rimouski
  536. Patrick Gagnon Sanschagrin, Québec
  537. Rémi Pelletier, Sainte-Martine
  538. Rish McGlynn, Moncton
  539. Tim Booth, Winnipeg
  540. Andre Fry, Montreal, 23 year member-owner
  541. Susannah Maxcy, Toronto
  542. Dominique Vuvan, Montreal
  543. Raena Penner, Winnipeg
  544. Jean-Sébastien Plourde, Québec
  545. Avi Haligua, Vancouver
  546. Kevin Trepanier, Montréal
  547. Chanele Morel-Lebrun, Québec
  548. Eric Caron, Carleton-sur-mer, consumer
  549. Daniel Tremblay, Québec
  550. Lisa Sproull, Montreal
  551. Shirene E , montreal
  552. Melissa Ccaman, Edmonton
  553. Anders Ourom, Vancouver
  554. Harold, Fisher, Montreal Member
  555. Andrea Holtslander, Toronto
  556. Yancy Espinoza, Calgary
  557. S. Watkins, White Rock, Member
  558. Paul Bogaert, Vancouver, Bike Doctor
  559. Sylvia Fuller, Burnaby
  560. Chrissy Lorette, Moncton
  561. Ambrose Raftis, Charlton
  562. Volker Bodegom, Vancouver
  563. Alex Lluis Gonzalez, Vancouver
  564. Andrea Mulder, Vancouver, Former MEC Employee
  565. Omri Haiven, Halifax, The Canadian Federation of Students - NS
  566. J Tom Webb, Lunenburg, N S
  567. Oren Lupo, Vancouver
  568. Joël Lavigueur, Montréal
  569. Nicholas Stark, Halifax
  570. Kristen Howe, Toronto, Greenhouse Coordiantor, Stop Community Food Centre (and former MEC staff)
  571. Jennifer Yakamovich, Halifax
  572. Randy Proven, Winnipeg, Sun Certified Builders Cooperative Ltd.
  573. Cassandra Uruguay, Québec
  574. Ryan angus, Squamish, BC
  575. Mike Byerley, Calgary, Former Product Team Leader
  576. Ryan Creary, Revelstoke
  577. David Jackson, Winnipeg
  578. Tommy Allen, Winnipeg
  579. Alexander Shave, Toronto, Ontario Co-operative Association
  580. Adam Lewis, Kitchener ON, PhD Candidate Environmental Studies York U
  581. Hana Hermanek, Vancouver,
  582. Lisa Wong, Toronto
  583. Enid Bennett, Toronto
  584. Ryan, Long Sault
  585. Linda Bily, Vancouver
  586. Mary Louise Adams, Kingston
  587. Michael Major, Victoria
  588. Susanne Klueppel, Winnipeg
  589. Kirsten Kunau, Sarnia, ON
  590. Patrick McDonald, Vancouver
  591. Adam Urkow, Calgary
  592. Bert Wapachee, Moose Factory, ON
  593. Lily Ng, Toronto
  594. Billy Granger, Winnipeg
  595. Timothy Kitz, Ottawa
  596. Bob Fuhrer, Silverton BC
  597. Foster Karcha, Edmonton
  598. Liam Barrington-Bush, Toronto
  599. Mitsuko Oishi, Delta BC
  600. Kathleen Boothroyd-Roberts, Montreal